Variety – Pitch Perfect 3 director Trish Sie on choosing the right music and raising chickens

Pitch Perfect 3 director Trish Sie is featured in this exclusive interview with Variety.

I fell in love with those characters, that “who said yes to this movie?” kind of tone. I wanted to make sure we maintained that for so many reasons. At the same time, you never want it to feel like it was phoned in, like “Oh, they just scribbled something down and got the band together and threw it on camera.”

I wanted to take it to a new place — to have the same characters you know and love, and they’re so funny and weird, and there’s something so truthful about each character.

Anna Kendrick’s Beca is kind of the grounded one, the prism through which the normal world views these events. Every character has something authentic about them, and it’s important, especially as the movie spins off into outer space plotwise, to keep the grounding and to always balance the absurd and the outrageous with something we all relate to.

If you keep the characters very familiar, you can get away with some bizarre plot twists. I wanted to take it to a new and bigger place so people get something unexpected.”

Source: Variety

Read the full interview here.

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