Skylar Astin on VH1 Big Morning Buzz


Sklyar Astin Reveals Some Inside Scoop About ‘Pitch Perfect 2’

Skylar Astin reveals some inside scoop from the set of the highly anticipated ‘Pitch Perfect 2.’

Source: VH1

Skylar Astin Says Acting With Girlfriend Anna Camp Is Like Having A Slice Of Home With Him

Skylar Astin reveals what it’s like to act alongside girlfriend Anna Camp and good friend Ben Platt.

Source: VH1

Skylar Astin Wants The ‘Pitch Perfect’ Franchise To Be The Next ‘The Fast And The Furious’

Skylar Astin talks about the possibility of a ‘Pitch Perfect 3’ and predicts what the future looks like for the acapella franchise.

Source: VH1

Skylar Astin Thinks UFC Star Ronda Rousey Would Make An Excellent Contestant On ‘The Bachelor’

Skylar Astin thinks UFC Fighter Ronda Rousey should take her skills to ABC’s ‘The Bachelor.’

Source: VH1

Skylar Astin + Nick Lachey Go Head-To-Head With Their Falsetto Skills

Skylar Astin and Nick Lachey face off in a game of True or Falsetto.

Source: VH1

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