Entertainment Weekly’s “Exclusive First Look” – Game On Pitches!


Entertainment Weekly did an article about Pitch Perfect 2 late last year. They also did a exclusive photoshoot with Anna Kendrick, Brittany Snow and Rebel Wilson.

The article includes photos of the movie and also the exclusive photoshoot as well as interviews… Is a must read if you are a Pitch Perfect fan!

Check out this part of the article:

Pitch Perfect 2 is set three years after the first film, and most of the Bellas, including Beca and Fat Amy, are now seniors. (Chloe should have finished college already, but she has failed on purpose for three years to stick with the group.) The Bellas are no longer underdogs, but the hottest a cappella team around, attracting new members—e.g., freshman Emily (Begin Again’s Hailee Steinfeld), whose mother (Sons of Anarchy’s Katey Sagal) was a Bella and makes Emily a legacy. “She doesn’t want to pull the card,” explains Steinfeld. “She has her insecurities and she wants to know that she is a Bella because she’s a great singer and she’s a great performer.” Then, there’s exchange student Flo (Chrissie Fit). “Flo joined them when Aubrey left,” explains returning screenwriter Cannon. “So, she’s been around and she came from nothing. They can get very serious about this not so serious thing. So, her life perspective of having nothing and being very poor, she kind of puts it in perspective for them.”

You can check out the full article at the official website: Entertainment Weekly – Game On Pitches

Source: Entertainment Weekly

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