‘Red Nose Day’ with Gail and John

Red Nose Day – Gail and John on Ninja Warrior (Digital Exclusive)

Pitch Perfect’s Gail and John explain their love of Ninja Warrior. Watch Red Nose Day May 21 at 8/7c.


Red Nose Day – John and Gail: What’s in a Name? (Digital Exclusive)

Pitch Perfect’s John and Gail debate the name Red Nose Day. Watch the special May 21 at 8/7c on NBC.


Red Nose Day – Gail and John on The Voice (Digital Exclusive)

Gail and John fantasize about getting their own red chairs. Watch Red Nose Day May 21 at 8/7c.


Red Nose Day – Promos

Red Nose Day – Stars Unite Under the Nose (Promo)


Red Nose Day – Red Nose Day Is Coming (Promo)


Red Nose Day – Stars in the Nose (Promo)


Source: NBC – Youtube

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