Happy 1 year anniversary to ‘Pitch Perfect’s Wide release


A day like today only one year ago Pitch Perfect made its wide release. Since then it has made over $100 million at the box office, had release a top 10 hit, a best selling album and started the “cups” phenomenon online (among other things). Pretty good for a 1 year old movie!

So happy for the movie and all its success, its amazing that after a year of its release it has manage to stay current and popular without much publicity… to me the success of this movie relies on the fans who had share their appreciation for this great movie in many ways (mostly online, you know, like the many many covers of the song…).

So congrats to all of you fans as well and lets keep Pitch Perfect forever popular (or better said lets keep sharing our love for the movie and its music).

Just waiting for Pitch Perfect 2… Are you excited about it? What would you like to see? Also, are you as amazed as me as the success of Pitch Perfect?

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