Box Office – Saturday Report – ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ goes head to head with ‘Mad Max’ at the International Box Office

Pitch Perfect 2 is doing awesomely well at the box office in the US, so good that it will make it the top highest grossing musical movie weekend ever!

In the international box office it is doing very well as it goes head to head with ‘Mad Max’.


Universal reported that Pitch Perfect 2 had No. 1 openings in the U.K. and Ireland, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Slovenia, South Africa, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Taiwan all, they say, are ahead of Mad Max.

‘Mad Max’ Two-Day Total Now $24.6M As It Goes Head-to-Head With ‘Pitch Perfect 2′ Saturday – Int’l B.O. Update

3rd Update, Saturday 10:40 AM PST:

(…) In the UK, the violent George Miller actioner grossed $1.7M from 950 screens, taking over 30% in market vshare of the Top 5 films, while 32 IMAX screens pulled off the biggest Friday opening of all time for a R-rated film in this format, with $216K. It is currently running second to Universal’s Pitch Perfect 2 there.

In Australia, where the Village Roadshow produced pic is competing head-to-head with the second of nemesis Universal’s Pitch Perfect 2 and is No. 2 at the moment, it has driven in $1M from 542 screens for a two-day cume of $1.8M. It’s also No. 2 in Germany behind PP2 where it had a Friday gross of $669K from 784 screens.

Universal Pictures announced that its Pitch Perfect 2 is elbowing out Warner Bros.’Mad Max: Fury Road in an ongoing battle for dominance abroad. This morning, Universal reported that PP2 had No. 1 openings in the U.K. and Ireland, Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Slovenia, South Africa, Malaysia, Philippines, Singapore and Taiwan all, they say, are ahead of Mad Max. PP2, it noted, is holding strong in its second weekend in Australia and while Mad Max opened to No. 1 on Thursday, its musical comedy grabbed back the No. 1 spot Friday.

The studio also reported that the U.K. and Ireland gave PP2 a Friday opening of $2.5M in 490 runs, marking the fourth highest opening day of 2015 in the markets (behind Avengers: Age of Ultron, Fast & Furious 7 and Fifty Shades of Grey). It also is reporting that PP2 opened 271% above the original in Germany with $2.4M at 546 dates and a No. 1 spot. In the Philippines, PP2 grossed $1M at 135 dates in three days and, the studio notes, its their fifth-highest opening of all time.

1st Update, Friday 3PM: To date, Warner Bros. Mad Max: Fury Road raced to a high-octane $10.4M Thursday on 12,000 screen in 48 countries.  All Euro markets launched at 2PM to sync with the Cannes Film Festival premiere yesterday, so Thursday is a partial day for grosses. We’ve been hearing that Mad Max could smoke out the charts with a $70M-$85M overseas bow, but Universal’s Pitch Perfect 2 isn’t receding its cat claws despite the testosterone apocalyptic beefcake in the marketplace. Earlier, Pitch Perfect 2 beat Mad Max in Germany, $1.5M to $768K.  The Pitches also hit No. 1 harmonies in Malaysia $288K; Philippines $340K; Singapore $265K; and Switzerland $212K.

However, the girls are far from stepping on Mad Max‘s big toe. Warners is topping off Mad Max‘s tank in 68 territories by Sunday, while Universal is expanding Pitch Perfect 2‘s tour from Australia and Oz (where it bowed last weekend) to 29 territories. To date, Pitch Perfect 2 has rang up an estimated $15.2M in ticket sales

Previous, Friday, 1:21 PM: Early grosses have just arrived for Universal’s musical comedy Pitch Perfect 2 which is boasting a No. 1 opening day in Germany right now with $1.5M as well as in the following markets. This could all change later today and tonight, but here goes: Malaysia $288K; Philippines $340K; Singapore $265K; and Switzerland $212K. They are also reporting strong second weekend holds for Australia (-37%) and New Zealand (-39%). The studio is saying that all territories opened significantly bigger than the first film with Germany up 229%, Malaysia up +459% over the original, the Philippines +13,000%, Singapore +257%, Switzerland +510%.

Source: Deadline

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