Anna Kendrick Talks Her Movie Crush, Favorite TV Shows, THE ACCOUNTANT, and More –

Anna Kendrick was interview by This is the second part of the interview where she talks about her movie crush, favorite tv shows and more!


Check out some of the quotes:

Question: What’s the last album you listened to in full?

ANNA KENDRICK: I’m thinking it was To Pimp a Butterfly because I am super street. I know, I know. And I have Alabama Shakes’ new album ready to go but I haven’t listened to it yet.

Who was your first TV or movie crush?

KENDRICK: Vincent Kartheiser.

So he really went for it and it shows. Favorite Disney prince, princess, or villain; or all three?

KENDRICK: Villain…Oh God, I don’t know. Animated or…?

Animated yeah, animated.

KENDRICK: James Woods as Hades in Hercules.

What’s your ‘can’t miss’ TV show right now?

KENDRICK: Game of Thrones, obviously.

What am I doing tonight at 6:15?

KENDRICK: …Oh fuck me I’m going to be on a plane! Fuck, I’m going to fucking stupid Madrid, Goddammit Madrid! I’m gonna watchGame of Thrones.

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