Anna Camp drops a few hints about her character Aubrey on Pitch Perfect 2

anna-campWhile promoting True Blood, Anna Camp talked to TVGuide and dropped a few hints about her character Aubrey Posen on Pitch Perfect 2.

Here is what you need to know:

  • Aubrey helps the Bellas come together again
  • We will see what she has been up to after graduation
  • Apparently she sings a great song with the Bellas!
  • Part of the storyline in the movie is how the Bellas are dealing with the build up to graduating

Here are the 3 questions about Pitch Perfect 2 that TVGuide asked Anna Camp during her interview:

Turning to Pitch Perfect 2, is there anything you can say about how Aubrey fits into the plot after graduating in the first film?
I did graduate and it’s pretty funny what happens. They end up needing me and my advice, and they all come and find me. It’s pretty funny to see what I’ve been doing and what I’m up to. In a very pivotal scene, I help them come together again in a really sweet, cool way. There’s a great song that we sing. I’m definitely still in a position of authority. I hope everybody likes it.

How do you think the sequel is different tonally from the first film?
Camp: It’s interesting because I have graduated and I was the point of contention and the conflict for the first film. So, that isn’t there anymore, at least in that way. I guess the main thing that they’re fighting against is still themselves, in a way. It’s not so black and white. It’s very funny. There are lots of jokes and great songs, but I think it’s a different kind of conflict and it’s a different thing that they learn. It’s all about what happens when people are about to graduate or about to leave, how that affects them, how it affects your college friends and what happens after college, and the buildup to that.

What’s your favorite part of Pitch Perfect 2?
I can’t really say why, but we were outdoors a lot, and we got to do some really fun things and everybody got a little dirty.

To read the full interview of Anna Camp with TVGuide go here.

Source: TVGuide

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