The Treblemakers are back!

So as you know, Pitch Perfect 2 is currently filming in Baton Rouge, Lousiana. Today the Treblemakers are performing live for some lucky crowd extras. They are filming a performance scene for the movie.  All the crowd extras have signed a non-disclosure, so no spoilers from them (it would be against the rules).

In the meantime, we are finally getting some great news and photos from the Treblemakers these past weeks so I decided to post here a few of the tweets, photos and other info you might like to get up to date with the Treblemakers.

Treblemakers on the set of Pitch Perfect 2

Treblemakers on Twitter

Pitch Perfect: @PitchPerfect

Skylar Astin: @SkylarAstin

Ben Platt: @BenSPLATT

Blake C. Burt: @BurtBlake

Jerry Clark: @_JerryClark

Ted Moock: @tmoock21

If you know any of the other new Treblemakers please let me know so I can follow them on Twitter as well!

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