Skylar Astin won’t be in Pitch Perfect 3

Skylar Astin, aka Jesse, confirmed via Twitter a rumor that fans were hoping was not true: He will not be in Pitch Perfect 3.

I, as many fans, am not happy about this news. No Jesse and no Trebles also mean no Benji and no Bumper. Anyhow, I really hope they find a way to make a little appearance in the movie since it seems to be heading in a different direction.

In an article from ETCanada they quoted a Popsugar interview with Skylar Astin and Pitch Perfect co-star and wife Anna Camp. They talked about Jesse might not coming back in the third installment and how happy Anna is to be back once again as a Bella.

It seems Astin and his wife, “Pitch Perfect” co-star Anna Camp —who has already signed on to reprise her role as Aubrey —were already aware of the film’s shake-up. The pair sat down with PopSugar recently, where Astin revealed that his character most likely won’t have a place in the latest storyline.

“I’ve heard that they may be taking the girls in another direction this time, but this is not the end of the line for Jesse because he’s not dead,” Astin said. “I know that, so they could always bring him back in some form, or maybe a spin-off, or who knows if he’ll be a late addition to the third.”

Though Astin involvement is sure to anger some of the film’s die-hard fans, Camp refuses to look back. “I just personally can’t wait for ‘Pitch Perfect’ like, 20 — when we’re really old and we’re singing a cappella in our retirement homes,” she told Popsugar. “And we’re having the best times of our lives and we all have gray hair and walkers and wheelchairs.” Source: ETCanada

What do you think about not having Jesse and the Trebles in Pitch Perfect 3?

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