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Pitch Perfect 2 star Ester Dean was interview by Vulture while promoting the movie!


Check out some quotes from the article:

“I like to entertain because I write songs for people to dance to and sing to,” Dean tells me by phone before explaining that being on the Pitch Perfect set compelled a career epiphany. She learned that she’s “ready to tap into another creative source to make people happy.” In other words, more movies.

Over the past three years, Dean, raised in Tulsa, has taken tentative steps in that direction, performing voice work in Rioand Ice Age: Continental Drift. “I don’t want people to say, ‘She’s only in this movie because she can sing,’” Dean says about her onscreen work.“I am going to say to the movie industry what I already told the music industry: I want my shot.”

Her fellow Bellas were quick to offer advice. Wilson and Hana Mae Lee in particular instructed Dean on how to become a more well-rounded performer. “I didn’t know anything about character building,” Dean says, “and they both taught me how to create a backstory.” According to Wilson, Dean has taken quickly to the profession. “When you’re new to acting, I think it is important to know the basics,” says Wilson via email, “but it is also very important in comedy to stay in the moment and improvise when you can … Ester is such a quick learner that a few weeks into production she was watching myself, Kendrick and the other girls, and really picking up on the whole acting thing fast.”

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Source: Vulture

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