Chrissie Fit in Florida promoting Pitch Perfect 2

Chrissie Fit is in Florida promoting Pitch Perfect 2. She did some press and stop by ‘Despierta América’ for an interview.

Despierta América

Ocean Drive – Q&A: Chrissie Fit on the ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ Audition Process & Working with Elizabeth Banks

Acting alongside big Hollywood names like Anna Kendrick and Elizabeth Banks, Fit plays the snarky Florencia “Flo” Fuentes, a foreign exchange student who joins college a cappella group the Barden Bellas. When the Bellas are banned from performing in the U.S. after an indecent-exposure incident at the national championships (we’ve all seen the commercials), the all-female group enters an international competition to redeem themselves.

What really went on between takes when you were filming Pitch Perfect 2?
 We all get along really well. It’s kind of like a sorority of sisters. There is a lot of encouragement and advice; we all really like to hang out. It was really hot [filming] in Baton Rouge, so we were also making a lot of cold brews and surrounding the portable air conditioner. That is basically what we were doing during our downtime.

For this movie there’s singing and dancing as well as acting. Were you nervous about the performing aspects?
Yeah, definitely. It helped that we had a month of rehearsals; we had [Bella Boot Camp] and we had group vocal sessions and individual sessions. We basically started every morning off with choreography. I didn’t realize how difficult it is to sing and do a cappella. There were times when I wasn’t singing lyrics. Instead I had to make these noises that didn’t necessarily match with what I was doing with my body, so it took a lot of concentration. It was a cool experience. But yeah, of course I was nervous, but because we had so much preparation before, it wasn’t too bad.

What was an average day like when you were doing Bella Boot Camp?
We would get up early and start with a warm-up—either stretches or some exercise. But that didn’t happen every day, thankfully—the exercise part of it. There were a couple of days where I was like, “What, are we training for an action movie?” It could get intense. Then we would have dance rehearsals for a couple of hours, a lunch break, and then vocal sessions. So, we were working hard during those rehearsals. This was a very physical movie, not just with the dancing, but the physical comedy and also with certain stunts. But it was cool to do that stuff.

How did you ultimately land this role?
 I did it the old-fashioned way: I went to an audition. I remember getting the audition and being like, “This might not happen,” just because it is such a massive movie. But I wanted to have fun with it. I just wanted to have so much fun with the character. I remember Elizabeth Banks was in the room; she was very involved with the movie from the beginning. And she was like, “That tickled my fancy”—it was so random! And it was really funny. I just remember thinking, “Wow, I could have a shot at this.” And [then] I was singing this song and forgot the lyrics, so I was basically [thinking], “There goes that.”

Which song?
I did Rolling in the Deep by Adele, and my mom gave me this idea. She was like, “Why don’t you sing a part of the song in Spanish?” And I was like “That’s brilliant mom!” Because then they would know I could speak Spanish. When I was supposed to sing in Spanish, I totally blanked. You are used to hearing it in English, and I myself translated the lyrics to Spanish, and I just froze. I was like, “Oh, I should just let you know I’m going to sing a part in Spanish.’ And Elizabeth Banks said, “Yeah, I like a surprise.” And [to myself] I was like, “Well, I ruined that.” At the end of the day I was just having fun with it. It was Pitch Perfect with so many brilliant and funny girls. Sometimes with improv, you have to be quick on your feet. I think that helped me get the role.

My whole audition process was insane. I had to go back to do a callback, but I already had plane tickets to Miami to visit my family, and it was my birthday as well. I went to the airport during that window of time where it’s okay to miss your flight, and I played it like I missed my flight. And they put me on a flight that night. I left the airport, did the callback, and then went back to the airport to go to Miami. (Laughs.) I made it! It was a long, difficult road to Pitch Perfect, but I did it.

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