Anna Kendrick on the cover of Glamour Magazine

Anna Kendrick is on the cover of Glamour Magazine. She talks about turning 30, Pitch Perfect 2 and much more…

Check out some quotes from the interview:

GLAMOUR: That’s right, you’ll turn 30 this year. How does that feel?
AK: I felt different at 29 because 29, to me, is 30. There are times when I still feel like an actual toddler in a grown-up—well, semi-grown-up—body. But other times I can’t wait to actually be 30, just so I can say things like, “I’m 30. I don’t have time for that. F–k off!”

GLAMOUR: Let’s talk about injustice: There were two Ace Ventura movies, and Dumb and Dumber got a sequel too. But I can’t think of a female-led comedy with a sequel. There are so few.
AK: Charlie’s Angels, Miss Congeniality are the ones I can think of.
GLAMOUR: So do you feel extra pressure to make this sequel succeed?
AK: For people whose job it is to make sure we make money, there’s a lot of pressure. [But] Kay Cannon wrote the script knowing all of us now, and it’s even better than the first one. And she wrote it after she’d just had a baby! I was like, “You’re some kind of unicorn.”
GLAMOUR: The first film became a cult hit.
AK: History gets rewritten as if Pitch Perfect were this sleeper hit. It made $65 million [at the box office]—nothing to sneeze at—[but] it found its audience on video-on-demand, HBO, and iTunes. It wasn’t an appointment movie to watch with all your friends. I’m excited to see whether the sequel is a date movie or a groups-of-women movie.
GLAMOUR: The audience for the first film was 74 percent women on opening weekend.
AK: Yeah. [But] it’s not like the humor excludes men. My favorite thing on Twitter is guys being like, “Listen: I’m not a pussy, but Pitch Perfect is awesome.” I’m like, “I didn’t think you were a pussy, sir.”
GLAMOUR: The sequel is bigger, with pyrotechnics, lasers, and smoke machines. You even have a scene with Snoop Dogg.
AK: I’m telling you, the man had nail art: clear with gold tips and gold designs over the clear. The man is a trendsetter.
GLAMOUR: He’s always been cool. Your character, Beca, tries to be cool but can’t pull it off.
AK: I feel like you can’t get an audience to like your character if she’s actually cool, but you can if she’s trying to be cool and sometimes fails. My favorite Beca is Struggling, Awkward Beca because I think that’s who we all are. We want to be like Cool Beca, and we’re not.
GLAMOUR: Pitch Perfect 2 is one of eight films you’ve got in the works. In 2013 you said, “I think I made too many movies last year.” It sounded like you were going to slow down. So…what happened?
AK: I know. I like working hard, as long as it’s not motivated by fear. I don’t want to keep doing it just because I’m afraid to take a break.

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