Rebel Wilson on the cover of Entertainment Weekly!


Pitch Perfect 2 star Rebel Wilson is on the cover of Entertainment Weekly! 

Here are some quotes of the article which is part of the latest Pitch Perfect 2 special edition of Entertainment Weekly:

“They tested me to see whether I had the ability to do it,” remembers Wilson. “I had to hang upside down for at least 30 seconds by my thighs.” On the day of shooting, she says, “I was really, really scared. But Fat Amy is super confident. So I was like, ‘Here’s what I’m going to do: I’ll do it three times—that’s it. I won’t look scared in the takes and I’ll crush it.’ I was proud that I pulled it off, and it’s such a good opening.”

“The first movie was so much fun because it was just like a musical theater camp, having fun,” she says. “Whereas, the second one, I felt a lot of pressure to make a good movie for all the fans and all the people that loved the first one.”

EW – This week’s cover: Rebel Wilson leads the Bellas in Pitch Perfect 2

Source: EW

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