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Pitch Perfect 2 – Press Interviews

Posted by Cups

Check out some press interviews from the cast and director of Pitch Perfect 2.

Elizabeth Banks: Barden Bellas are the ‘Avengers of singing’ | On Demand Entertainment

Rebel Wilson sings OMI’s Cheerleader and Reimagines Fat Amy as a Superhero | On Demand Entertainment

Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson Reveal Their Dream Jobs | Films & Arts

The ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ Cast Weighs In On Who Will Be The New Spider-Man | MTV News

Song Charades With ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ Stars Hanna Mae Lee & DJ Flula | MTV News

Rebel Wilson & Adam Devine on their Pitch Perfect 2 Love Story | Access Hollywood

Rebel Wilson on aerial stunt training for Pitch Perfect 2 | Access Hollywood

Anna Kendrick reveals Pitch Perfect 2 preparations | Access Hollywood

Brittany Snow and Hailee Steinfeld: The Important Message in Pitch Perfect 2 | Access Hollywood

Suprise Pitch Perfect 2 Sweethearts | Access Hollywood

Flula Makes Hot Jam w/ Anna Kendrick & Pitch Perfect 2 Cast | Flula

Find Out How Your Favorite Bellas Get ‘Pitch Perfect’ The Insider

Watch Anna Kendrick and Rebel Wilson Rock Out for an Epic Dubsmash | Entertainment Tonight

Rebel Wilson Spent 5 Weeks Training for That Pants-Splitting Scene in ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ | Entertainment Tonight

Surprise! ‘Pitch Perfect 2’ Cast Picks Their Favorite Celeb Cameos | Entertainment Tonight

Pitch Perfect 2 Cast Interviews | MonsieurHollywood

PITCH PERFECT 2 Interview: Anna Kendrick | Andrew Freund

Pitch Perfect 2 Cast Imitates Famous People Doing Everyday Things | Vanity Fair

The Project Rebel Wilson & Adam Devine | The Project Fans

Sky Movies Presents…The Pitch Perfect 2 Quiz | Sky Movies

The Cast of Pitch Perfect 2 Share Their Tips for the Perfect Prom Pose| Teen Vogue

How to make a really awkward interview… (Pitch Perfect 2) Kjersti Flaa

Pitch Perfect 2 Interview

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