Make and remix your very own ‪‎PitchPerfect2‬ trailer in seconds!

Pitch Perfect 2

Make and remix your very own Pitch Perfect trailer in seconds!

Use the scenes we’ve provided to create and even star in your own trailer using Sympler.

Source: Pitch Perfect Movie – FB

Sympler on the App Store

Play with your entertainment!
Easily create and personalize videos by sampling those of others
In this new version you can sample and create your very own Pitch Perfect 2 movie trailer!
Simply hit the ‘Remix it’ button and you can jump right into Pitch Perfect clips, add yourself and share with your friends.

A Pitch Perfect 2 movie channel where you can find exclusive content that you can repurpose and use in your mixes
Captioning! You can now add text to your little creations
Music Library: Find new music with which to score your videos

Source: Sympler – App Store

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