Hailee Steinfeld on the future of the Barden Bellas in Pitch Perfect 2 – Entertainment Weekly

Hailee Steinfeld was interview by Entertainment Weekly, she talks about working on the film, rehearsals and more!


Check out some quotes:

(…) I remember driving around and seeing the posters and every time saying, “I’ve got to see that movie.” All of my friends had seen it so it ended up being like a Friday night family movie date. I just remember, if I wasn’t jumping out of my seat because I was so excited that a song was in the movie, my parents were.

(…) I remember the first day I got there, I got off the plane, having not slept the day before, and went into dance rehearsal that they were already two weeks into, which in Bellas rehearsal time is a lot of work. I thought I’d just go in and meet everyone and they’d take my measurements and do a fitting and I’d get settled. That was not the case! I literally got off the plane and was in dance rehearsal and was so completely lost and disoriented.

By the time we shot our finale. It was one of those things where all 10 of us were in the same boat, in that lyrics were being changed, songs were being changed, choreography was being changed. Everything was being changed up until the second we shot this, and everyone was nervous and anxious and frazzled, but we all came together minutes before. We shot it in front of an audience and it was this weird moment right beforehand where all of us were backstage and it was like, “Okay, this is it. We don’t get to do this 792 times.” We came together, regardless of all the changes that had just been made and everything that had happened the last two months. This is it and this was the finale and we wanted to make this better than everything else, and it was that moment that you really felt like you were a part of a team.

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Source: Entertainment Weekly

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