Elizabeth Banks will direct “Pitch Perfect 3”!

Get ready! Pitch Perfect 3 is getting better and better… now it has been confirmed that Elizabeth Banks will return to direct Pitch Perfect 3. It was really no brainer after the success of Pitch Perfect 2 under her wing, but still is awesome to know that she’ll be back directing… Pitch Perfect 3 is in very good hands!

In an interview with Katie Couric, Elizabeth Banks confirmed she will be directing Pitch Perfect 3!

With Banks’ now slated to direct “Pitch Perfect 3,” she reflects with Couric on her directorial debut of the smash hit “Pitch Perfect 2,” and how the Anna Kendricks’ performance of  “Cups,” made it into the film and became a worldwide sensation.

The comedic sequel sensation has grossed six times its original budget, and with it, Banks has set the record for the highest-grossing opening weekend of any first-time director. With sexism still pervasive in Hollywood, Banks explains to Couric what she believes could balance the playing field. “Parity in Hollywood is going to require that those in power share a little of that power,” Banks explained. “So it requires a real partnership with the men in our industry.” She also encourages female directors to take the reins themselves on big-budget films “to convince the powers that be, the money, that we are capable of spending that money wisely, and turning it around, like I did with ‘Pitch Perfect 2.’”

Read the full interview here: ‘Pitch Perfect’ Elizabeth Banks talks Oscar buzz, ‘Hunger Games’, ‘Love & Mercy’

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