Elizabeth Banks on the June cover of Allure Magazine

Pitch Perfect 2 star, producer and director Elizabeth Banks is on the June cover of Allure magazine.


How Elizabeth Banks Is About to Shatter Hollywood’s Glass Ceiling

She doesn’t just act in Pitch Perfect 2; she directed it. The “capital-F feminist” talks about the new film, meeting her husband on the first day of college, and why her motto is “Girls win.”

A few years back, the production company Banks started with her husband, Max Handelman, had its first hit with Pitch Perfect, and Banks has just made her movie-directing debut with Pitch Perfect 2. “Once you get offered a studio job, as a woman, it’s really hard to say no because they don’t let women do this very often,” says Banks (shown here posing in a historic mansion in New York City). “So I knew I needed to embrace it and I couldn’t mess it up. Because if you mess it up, they don’t let you do it again, and you become representative of female directors as a whole. Like, ‘See, girls can’t do it!'”

“I prefer doing comedy over drama,” Banks says. “Making people laugh is a very addictive thing. You can get that feeling of flying in drama as well, and I’ve had it many, many times. But I find making people laugh to be a really special ability. It’s like having a superpower.”

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