Anna Kendrick on the cover of UK Glamour Magazine

Glamour-May-2015-Cover-27Mar15-pr_b_960x1440Pitch Perfect star Anna Kendrick is on the cover of the May issue of UK Glamour Magazine.

In the magazine she talks about posing for photos, Pitch Perfect 2, working with George Clooney and much more!

…”It’s a lot like school… Some of the girls got me into The Bachelor, so that became a group texting moment for us, and when you get back together, you remember every little quirk of everyone’s personalities.

The long-awaited sequel to the a Capella comedy sensation hits UK cinemas in May: “Because we’re basically shooting the same movie again – different scenarios, but in a lot of ways, very much the same, so it was trippy. It was like, didn’t we make this already? Was the first one just a fever dream? Or a premonition, and this is actually the real thing?”

Don’t forget to the the May issue of UK Glamour to read all the article.

Source: UK Glamour

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